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The Steel City is on the up, with a growing economy and a population now in the top 10 highest in the UK.​

- By 2039, Sheffield's population is forecast to increase by 88,600

- The local economy is expected to grow by £3bn by 2025

- House prices in the city have increased by 20.46% in 5 years

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In the last five years, Sheffield flats have seen an average increase in value by £24,504.

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The Average Yield For Sheffield S1 Postcode
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Sheffield is a city known for its industrial mastery and thriving university scene, along with a more recent boom in the business sector.

The local economy is currently worth circa £7bn per year and the Sheffield City Region (SCR) aim to continue this growth with a 10 year ‘Economic Plan’, which was put in place in 2015.

The city is home to two of the UK’s leading higher education institutions, the University of Sheffield, which is part of the Russell Group of universities, and Sheffield Hallam University. 

In total, the city houses around 63,000 students and, positively for the city’s growth, more than 25% of graduates choose to stay permanently after they complete their degrees.

As a property investment company, Sheffield has everything we look for in a city: growth, business, culture, tenants, transport, jobs and more. It’s a brilliant choice for any investor.

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    Why invest in Sheffield property?

    There are three excellent reasons to consider Sheffield.

    First, a growing population of young professionals means there are many ideal tenants in the city.

    Second, there will be high demand for housing in the future as Sheffield’s economic plan aims for a growth in population of 70,000 before 2025.

    And third, Sheffield will have a stop on the HS2 train line. This will reduce travel time to the South, but it will also improve routes between the cities of the Northern Powerhouse: Sheffield to Leeds or Manchester will be just 30 minutes. This will stimulate the regional economies and drive property demand.

    Types of Property Investment in Sheffield

    Popular Areas

    In our opinion, there are three exciting, high potential areas for consideration when looking into property investment in Sheffield, which we have picked out below.

    Future Growth in Sheffield

    • 21.6% House Price Increase (Yorkshire) 2020-2025 - Savills
    • 10% Rental Price Growth over 5 years (2019-2024) – Knight Frank
    • 70,000 jobs to be created 2015 - 2025 – Sheffield Council
    • 15% Population growth by 2035 – Sheffield Council

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you can find a range of common questions from previous investors. If you require specific details and advice please do not hesitate to contact us today on +44(0)203 627 3987 or via [email protected] 

    Sheffield’s property market recovered slower after the 2008 financial crash meaning that there is greater capacity for house price growth relative to incomes even when interest rates rise. This makes it a great place to get in early and invest to receive good capital growth over the next 5 – 10 years.

    According to Zoopla (May 2020), the average price paid for a property in Sheffield is £199,972.

    House prices have increased by 20.46% in 5 years and Hometrack reports a 2.4% year on year growth from March 2019-2020.

    Sheffield has an average yield of 4.26% ( and the city centre S1 postcode has an attractive average yield of 7.2%.

    The HS2 train line will call at Sheffield and will reduce the train journey to London by 40 minutes while also generating an estimated £4bn for the local economy.

    Featured Developments in Sheffield

    Vista is our only live development in Sheffield at the moment. It’s an excellent scheme, perfect for anyone interested in an affordable student property with strong rental yields.

    We are bringing new developments to market all the time, so please check back regularly for new Sheffield properties. 

    Alternatively, take a look at other cities in the north of England, like Liverpool & Manchester.