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Property Investment in Dubai

✔︎ Work with Track Capital and our team on the ground to invest in Dubai property; we'll find the perfect opportunity and provide expert support from start to finish.

✔︎ Purchase world-class apartments with downtown views from £130,000, with investor-friendly deposit levels and payment plans.

✔︎ Gain exclusive access to a range of off-plan and completed properties, perfect for buy-to-let investors interested in Dubai.

✔︎ Benefit from tax-free and freehold property investment opportunities

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Why Invest In
Dubai Property?

With a team on the ground operating from our office in Dubai Marina, as well as our London office, we are on hand to assist from start to finish for non-resident investors buying in the UAE. 

Whether it’s for a buy-to-let investment, a personal residence, or a holiday home, let us help with the following:

  • Property & Developer Selection Consultancy 
  • Construction Updates & Site Visits 
  • Bespoke Payment Plans & Mortgages 
  • Lettings & Property Management, Including Short Term Lets
  • Post Handover and After Sales Assistance

View our range of publicly available properties in Dubai below, or get in touch to view off-market opportunities.

Properties Available In Dubai


Can non-residents buy property in Dubai?

In 2002, the UAE passed the Freehold Law, which allows foreigners to freely buy, sell, let and rent property across the country. As a result, property investment in Dubai from individuals and companies in the UK (and elsewhere) has grown significantly over the past 20 years.

Do I need to pay stamp duty in Dubai?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is not applicable in Dubai, regardless of whether you’re based in the UK or not. Instead, a one-off payment of 4% of the property’s value must be made to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

I’m a UK resident, will I need to pay tax on my rental income from Dubai?

If you’re a tax resident in the UK then it’s likely income tax will be due from your rental property in Dubai. Furthermore, Capital Gains Tax will be due if you sell the property for a profit in the future. This is the same for any property regardless of where it is in the world, so it’s worth speaking to our team, and an experienced tax advisor, to find out more and discover the most tax-efficient way to invest in property domestically and abroad. However, you won’t be taxed from Dubai itself.

I’m not based in the UK, can you help me invest in Dubai?

Yes, we assist property investors all across the world – whether they’re based in the UK, the UAE, or elsewhere. We have a truly global client base of investors from almost every continent, and our team can speak several languages. We can also assist with mortgages. Get in touch to learn more.

members of the property ombudsman scheme

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