Birmingham Property - The UK's Second City

At one point in time, many investors were looking to places like London and Manchester when it came to property investments; nowadays it seems that many of these investors are shifting their focus to other parts of the UK, and rightly so too. While many think that Manchester may be the unofficial second capital of the UK, there are many reasons why Birmingham actually is, and what’s more than this, it’s also an incredible place to consider when you are looking for an investment property, read on for our Birmingham Investment Guide.

In this post, we are going to be taking a look at Birmingham in all its glory and examining a few things you should be looking at that will show you why Birmingham is one of the best places in the UK when it comes to investment property.

So, if you are looking to invest and you aren’t too sure where the best place to start is, you should consider taking a little time out to read through this Birmingham Investment Guide, you may learn a few things that you didn’t know about Birmingham and its investment opportunities.

Why Invest In Birmingham?

It’s Got A Strong Economy

Now, when it comes to places you may have considered to be healthy and stable, we can almost guarantee that Birmingham had not made your list, well, let us tell you that, that was a huge mistake.

Birmingham has an economy worth over £23 billion, and with a workplace gross that is higher than any other place in the UK apart from London, you may want to look at this humble place a little closer.

Since 2009 Birmingham has had one of the faster-growing core city economies in Great Britain, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down any time soon. 

It’s A Popular Business Destination   

One of the things that many people do not take into account when it comes to Birmingham is simply its location. 

Birmingham, for the few of you that do not know, is dab in the centre of England and this makes it a prime location for cross country business meetings. While this may not sound beneficial to investors, this is something that will be of interest to those who look to buy and rent out on a daily or short term basis.

Great Rental Yields 

Now, while Birmingham isn’t in the leagues of some of the highest in the country for rental yields, the figures are still quite impressive, and any investor looking to buy to rent would be quite happy with what’s on offer.

In many of the Birmingham postcodes, you will find a yield of over 5%, and in some, you may even find they are a little higher. The lowest yields you will likely see are around 4.1%, and they are in the B33 postcode.

International Tourism

Another amazing point for short term rental property investors is the rate of international tourism. IT seems that year on year we see a rise of 10% plus when it comes to international visitors heading to Birmingham.

Yet again, this is the second-highest in the country outside of London and provides incredible potential for short term or holiday property lets.

Working & Student Demand

The first thing we are going to touch upon is the demand from students. In certain areas of Birmingham, there is much potential for HMO investment, and this is down to the sheer amount of educational facilities in a small area.

If you look closely between the Perry Barr and Birmingham central area, there are 6 University campuses, and there are always students looking for accommodation, for an investor looking for opportunities like this, there is no better place in the country.

Second, to this is the potential for HMO properties for working professionals, all over Birmingham there are nurses and medical staff crying out for living opportunities, and this could be the gap a savvy investor needs to thrive.


As you can see, when it comes to investment, it’s usually the places you imagine to have the least potential that ends up having the most. Hopefully, this Birmingham Investment Guide has guided you in the right direction and left you feeling a little better informed as to some of the reasons why Birmingham is fantastic for property investment.

If you have found yourself intrigued by this post, there are many more reasons out there that Birmingham could be a prime opportunity for inventors, follow us on Facebook here to be kept up to date with new launches. 

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