L1- The UK's Number 1 Buy-to-let Postcode

When it comes to investment choices nowadays, you have much to choose from when it comes to property locations, but the focus of today’s post is going to be Liverpool. Liverpool has, over the last decade, become one of the most popular cities in England for buy-to-let and other investment opportunities, and this Liverpool Investment Guide is going to take you on a journey into figuring out just why this is.

With house prices on the way up, great potential for R2R student accommodation and rental yields at an all-time high, it is possible that Liverpool is the best place to start for any property investor.

In the coming years Liverpool is to see a massive boom to its already thriving economy and with new housing and businesses popping up all over, it’s no wonder that so many investors are heading to see what the Mersey has to offer, read our Liverpool Investment Guide to learn more.

Reasons To In Liverpool – Liverpool Investment Guide


Property Value

One of the first things any investor should be looking at is the earnings to house price ratio, and in Liverpool, it’s among the top 5 in the United Kingdom. According to recent figures, the average property in Liverpool costs around 4.8 times the local annual salary. 

In fact, when it comes to value for money, Liverpool could be in the top 3 places in the UK. On average, a typical house will sell for around £118,000, and with prices like this, this simply means that any property investor will get a lot more for their money.

In further good news for investors, the yearly average house price rise in Liverpool usually follows a 1% above average trend year on year, and it’s thought that this will continue over the coming years.

Best Rental Yields

It matters not which years data you look at; it seems that Liverpool always sits right at the top of the list when it comes to the highest rental yields. If you are looking for specifics, if you invest in the L1 postcode, the average rental yield is just over 10% as of 2020, then if we spread out a little, we also see a rental yield of over 8% in both L11 and L6 postcodes. See see the Totally Money Yield Map for 2020 here.

If you wanted to branch out a little further, you could also expect to find rental yields of over 7% in all L2, L3 and L4 postcodes. So taking all of that into consideration, it’s quite easy to see why landlords love to buy to let properties in Liverpool.

Transport Options

One of the best selling points that Liverpool has now is its transport options, but while at the moment Liverpool is fantastic for trains and access to pretty much anywhere you need to be, over the next five years, it’s just going to get better.

Northern Powerhouse Rail is currently working on a brand new line that will be a part of the HS2 route. This new line will provide direct access to Manchester Airport, and this is something that is going to be incredibly popular.

Adding this onto the current transport options available, Liverpool is going to be one of the best places for renters to commute from if they are looking to settle in the north of the country. 

Liverpool Is A City To Behold

While in the past Liverpool may have come with certain preconceptions, over the last ten years, Liverpool has really seen its fair share of economic growth, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.

There have been places in the past that had been in desperate need for attention, and now they finally have it, in fact, there are now some places in Liverpool that are among the very best places to live in Great Britain.

It seems that Liverpool has really started to run with its new look at with almost 250 projects still ongoing as part of a £14 billion investment, there is no better time than now to consider investment opportunities in Liverpool.


It seems that nowadays, should you want to invest, you may need to open your eyes and cast your gaze a little further afield, by doing this you will see that the UK has some hidden gems when it comes to property investment, and Liverpool is one of them, hopefully this Liverpool Investment Guide has demonstrated that.

Above we have mentioned a few reasons that Liverpool should be among your investment considerations, it seems that if you take a look, there are more reasons out there, a lot more. View our Liverpool investment options here.

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