Why Invest in Emaar?
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Those looking to invest in the best quality housing overseas will undoubtedly be familiar with Emaar. The company develops the most incredible property worldwide but is best known for its contemporary living solutions in the middle east.

Here’s our complete guide to why every UK investor should be considering Emaar property.

Who Are Emaar?

Emaar is one of the biggest names in luxury real estate.

They are based in the United Arab Emirates and are most famous for developing Dubai’s most opulent buildings. As of 2018, Emaar has a staggering valuation of $9.7 billion.

As the company has grown, its personality has also developed, with the founders clearly outlining how they support many environmental and social issues across the world. For example, the Emaar foundation shows how the company will develop its corporate social responsibility, using profits to help get children into education, and support the United Nations world food programme.

Investors from across the globe are drawn to Emaar for a variety of reasons. The household name offers security and trust, and although the properties sit at a premium price point, the returns on offer are genuinely astonishing.

Why Choose Off-Plan Property?

Investing in off-plan property means purchasing a home or commercial space directly from the developer before its completion. This has many obvious financial incentives for those looking to take their first step on the property investment ladder or diversify their portfolio.

First, developers are keen to offer significant discounts to investors willing to secure the sale at this early stage. Working with a dedicated management company allows you to build these relationships and secure a lucrative deal. Second, before the home is even ready for tenants, the property should have grown in value substantially. Once prepared for occupants, investors can choose to move in a tenant and reap the rewards of a rental yield or sell the property immediately for a profit.

Aside from the enormous financial gains to be made, investing off-plan removes a tremendous amount of stress for many investors. Once you have found a developer that works within your asset class, location and budget, there is very little else to handle. The process of viewing inappropriate properties and getting involved in bidding wars are eliminated.

For those who love entirely hands-off investing, purchasing off-plan homes and instructing a lettings agent to oversee the property is the ideal solution.

Why Invest In Dubai?

Emaar’s heart and soul are in Dubai, clear from the exquisite design of the properties they develop.

These incredible homes offer substantial capital growth and rental yield opportunities, with a high tenant demand caused by the excellent global reputation of the city. Additionally, there are many tax benefits to property investment in Dubai and a range of locations for those looking to diversify their portfolios. See our complete guide to property investment in Dubai here.

Emaar Creates Communities

Emaar developments are unique in the way that they build communities. Their properties go far beyond superb property and instead develop neighbourhoods that meet the demands of the modern tenant but blend into their surroundings effortlessly.

Whether your ideal tenant longs for a four-bedroom detached in a gated community, or a penthouse suite overlooking the Dubai Marina, Emaar will have a suitable solution. Of course, the quality of the property is of paramount importance. Still, Emaar carefully balances this alongside producing modern, secure, and stylish homes suitable for young professionals and large families.

Emaar Offers a Significant Return on Investment

Every property investor expects to see a timely return on their investment, which can be a significant concern for those investing overseas for the first time. The mortgage implications may require a more substantial initial outlay than UK property, which unfortunately discourages many individuals.

You will be happy to learn that tenant demand in Dubai remains very high, leading to an incredible return on investment for the average investor. Unsurprisingly, the area was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. However, property prices are steadily beginning to rise once again as the world bounces back from this unprecedented 18 months.

Aside from the restarting of the travel and tourism sector, many businesses are choosing to base themselves in Dubai, bringing with them young professionals and families in search of a rental property. Dubai as a whole offers rental yields as high as 7.8%, which should spark the interest of every property investor.

Most turn to Emaar because of its excellent reputation, ranked by Forbes as the 17th best company in the middle east.  The beauty of the properties is undeniable, but the security the company offers is unrivalled. Residents new to Dubai feel safe immersing themselves in a community created by such a household name, clear from the massive demand for these homes.

World Famous Designs

The Burj Khalifa and the Dubai mall are two of Emaar’s most famous structures, with the company proud to have developed the worlds tallest building and the worlds biggest mall, respectively. These projects cemented Emaar’s name in the world of luxury property development, allowing them to expand their business on a global scale shortly afterwards.

The Burj Khalifa shows Emaar’s ability to create more than incredible housing. The epic landmark, standing three times as tall as Paris’s Effiel Tower, has residences, hotels, and the astonishing observatory deck, providing unbeatable views of Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall both sit in downtown Dubai, which is Emaar’s flagship development. Just ten minutes from Dubai international airport, this community houses some of the worlds most extravagant hotels and lavish residences. Additionally, an upscale business hub welcomes the world’s leading banks, estate agents, and tech companies. So it’s no surprise that the opulent nature of Emaar’s developments attracts investors from all over the world.

Dominating The Global Market

Emaar has not limited its expertise to Dubai but is instead redefining contemporary living across the globe.

In a joint venture with GZA Group, Emaar developed BeitMisk in the Lebanese mountains, a community of over 200 households that welcome families, single young professionals, and expats alike.

Moreover, Emaar has a considerable presence in close by Pakistan, with significant projects in both Islamabad and Karachi. The stunning Oceanfront community in Karachi is spread over a whopping 76 acres and houses the perfect melting pot of modern homes, retail facilities, parks, and beaches. The panoramic views make this development favoured among locals, expats, and investors alike, offering incredible opportunities for profit as well as a fantastic quality of life.

As well as those mentioned above, Emaar also has developments in India, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and the USA. So for investors that want to diversify their global portfolio, the opportunities with Emaar are genuinely endless.

Emaar Property Recap

  • Emaar specialises in luxury property and has a huge demand from tenants across the globe, making them a favourite for many UK investors.
  • Emaar’s heart is in Dubai and the middle east, but they build communities across the globe, including Morocco and the United States.
  • Emaar has produced some of Dubai’s best-known landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

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