Team Site Visit – The Exchange, Preston

Team Site Visit – The Exchange, Preston

Since its recent launch, our new off-plan property The Exchange, Preston has attracted a significant amount of investor interest, with enquiries coming in daily from prospective buyers wanting to learn more.

At Track Capital, it is our job to make sure we have the most up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of all of our developments, ensuring that our clients have everything they need to make an informed and well-rounded decision on their investments.

With that in mind, we decided to travel up to Preston on a team site visit to discover more information on the development’s progress, its prime location and to get a true feel for what makes this project so special.

Where Is The Exchange?

Designed by award-winning developers, The Exchange has been perfectly positioned at the heart of Preston’s newest upcoming neighbourhood, set within an area currently benefiting from mass regeneration and easily connecting to the wider UK through a variety of travel means.

The city of Preston is a non-metropolitan district in Lancashire, England. Similar to Manchester & Liverpool, Preston is a historical city filled with features from its rich industrial heritage. Likewise, Preston is also filled with the same massive potential for economical growth and success. For property investors, Preston is a lucrative and cost-effective new option for buy-to-lets, with its high rental demand, affordable prices and a generous average rental yield of 5.7% All this, combined with the 10.6% rental growth it has experienced in the past year alone, makes it unsurprising that Preston now offers the highest return on investment of any city in the UK.

The Exchange Site Visit

The first thing we noticed on arriving in Preston was the vibrancy of its town centre. The amount of regeneration that has gone into the area is tangible everywhere you look, the entire area buzzing with life. Preston is still widely unknown to investors, but its similarities with the likes of its more prominent cousins, Liverpool and Manchester, cannot be ignored.

As we came up to the site of The Exchange itself, we were surprised by how established it seemed already, even in its semi-constructed phase. For a team used to dealing with off-plan properties, we are used to seeing perhaps an area of untouched ground surrounded by secure fencing, or perhaps some bulldozers with workers levelling the ground. The Exchange was far beyond this, and it was clear to see that construction was well underway.

The position for the build was excellent, so close to the city centre. We were lucky enough to be taken by our friendly guide all the way up so we could witness a spectacular views across the city. From there, we could see exactly why the location had been selected. Tall but not imposing, the design for the development itself will be sleek and contemporary, just right to attract the young professionals currently flocking to the city as it revives from its historic slumber.

Watch Our Team Site Visit Here

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