4 Reasons To Invest In Liverpool Property

4 Reasons To Invest In Liverpool Property

Liverpool is considered one of the best places in the UK for property investment. The city is vibrant, with an eclectic mix of students and professionals complementing the diverse and rich culture.

Totally Money included 6 Liverpool postcodes in their list of the ‘top 25 UK postcodes to invest in a buy-to-let mortgage’. House prices in Liverpool sit well below the market average, yet rental incomes remain high. So it’s no wonder businesses and investors choose this area in the north over many more expensive properties in the south (read our guide if you’re wondering how much you might need to get started).

In this post, we’ll look at why you should consider investing in a buy-to-let in Liverpool.

4 Reasons To Invest In Liverpool’s Property Market

1. A Revived and Thriving City

In 2008 Liverpool was awarded the City of Culture. Since then, through various regeneration schemes, the city has been transformed. From shopping centres to sports stadiums and even the dock itself. Liverpool has been given a new lease of life which has seen a plethora of new residents flocking to the area.

Not only did this regeneration spark a boom in tourism, but businesses saw the vast opportunities in the city. Large firms began building bases in Liverpool, appreciating the exceptional transport links and the city’s industrial heritage.

This means that demand for property in the city has skyrocketed, particularly high-end, centrally-based accommodation.

2. Successful Student Community

Liverpool is home to four universities that attract students from around the globe.

Whilst most students opt for university halls in their first year, they are demanding high quality, functional and central locations for their final years, and they are willing to pay a premium for it.

This demand for student accommodation is set to rise in the coming years, with local universities becoming increasingly popular. Private rental properties are needed to make up the shortfall of beds in student accommodation.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are often investors’ favourites, which are perfect for the ever-growing student population.

3. A Booming Business Area

This flourishing student city provides the perfect stream of fresh graduates every year to complement the local businesses.

Liverpool beautifully and effortlessly manages to blend a thriving scene of start-up companies with established businesses that have been household names for decades.

For those looking to invest in local residential or commercial property, the options are endless in Liverpool.

4. A Luxury Lifestyle

Liverpool offers its residents a luxury lifestyle that many other cities outside of London struggle to match. It is popular with students, young professionals, and families alike, willing to pay a premium to live in such a vibrant and exciting city.

It is a lively city packed with galleries, museums and, of course, the iconic waterfront.

The city draws tourists from around the world, all eager to experience the legendary nightlife. From the famous Beatles trail to the bustling underground music scene, there is a night out for everyone to enjoy in the city. Aside from the iconic music venues, Liverpool is football crazy, with tourists from all around the globe visiting the stadiums every year.

Reach out to the team at Track Capital to discuss our Liverpool property opportunities.

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