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Residential Buy-to-let

Residential property is the most main stream of investment classes, when most people think about investing in property this is where they normal start in terms of research. Typically known for the most attractive capital growth, our city-centre new build developments offer lucrative rental yields combined with high projected property value increases. We cover cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield, all of which industry experts forecast positive capital growth and rental price increases, underpinned by a lack of city-centre supply. 

Below you can see some of our videos for current and previous developments, for construction updates and introductory videos we supply these individually to investors. Get in touch to hear about our live schemes and discover what options are bested suited to your investment objectives. Click here to book a call.

Student Accommodation

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation has become incredibly popular across the UK and there are schemes established in every major university city in the country. These developments are simply buildings that are designed specifically for the purpose of renting to students. They are often found in premium locations, have extensive onsite facilities such as gyms, cinema rooms etc and create a social experienced which simply isn’t found in the older ‘house-share’ style of accommodation. Students, particularly students in final years or Masters students and students from overseas, are willing to pay a premium for the convenience, security and quality of lifestyle offered. 

From the investors perspective such opportunities are often offered with a rental assurance from the developer, which is effectively fixed rental income, often at more attractive rates than found in traditional residential property. The capital growth will not be as aggressive but the security of a fixed income, substantial demand and the benefit of paying no stamp duty land tax means student accommodation developments typically 100% sell out during the construction phase.

Dubai Property Investment

Track Capital has identified Dubai as being a leading real estate market that property investors should seriously consider. The calibre of property developers in the UAE is second to none, with products delivered to a truly exceptional standard. We have handpicked developments that have a real wow factor, with idyllic locations and incredible return potential.

There is considerable demand for market-leading residential real estate in Dubai, actively supported by its proactive government to reach its goal population of 5.8m in the coming years. Dubai is ever-growing in its popularity and this is reflected by the sheer volume of transactions now happening in Dubai. With an incredible range of attractive purchasing structures, low deposits and post-handover payment plans, entry into the Dubai property market has never been easier. The properties we have selected from world-class developers offer attractive rental yields, a new standard of luxury living and affordable purchase prices for those looking to grow and diversify their portfolio.

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