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Liverpool Property Investment Overview

Discover the potential of property investment in Liverpool. This vibrant city, rich in history, boasts a thriving economy and an exciting cultural scene. With a diverse range of investment opportunities, from trendy residential properties to bustling commercial spaces, Liverpool attracts a steady stream of tenants, including students, professionals, and families.

Liverpool has undergone significant regeneration, featuring iconic waterfront developments, vibrant shopping centres, and world-class educational institutions. Its strategic location, excellent transport links, and ongoing infrastructure investments make it an attractive prospect for property investors.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to the market, Liverpool offers great potential for capital appreciation and high rental yields. Join Liverpool’s success story and seize this opportunity to be part of a dynamic and thriving property market. Invest in Liverpool today for a prosperous future.

Stats for Liverpool property market

About Liverpool Property Investment

Liverpool has a fast-growing city centre, with the population more than doubling since 2002.

Data from the Office for National Statistics forecasts an 8.5% increase in population size across Merseyside by 2043. As such, there is an incredibly high level of demand for central living options, which supply cannot keep up with.

The likely effect is an increase in property and rental values. To support this, the Savills 2023-27 UK Forecast suggests that property values in the north-west will increase by 11.4% by 2027. The latest JLL Residential Forecast predicts that rental prices in Liverpool will increase 10% by 2025.

Liverpool Regeneration and Growth

Liverpool is experiencing a significant surge in development and investment, making it an incredibly attractive destination for property investment. With over £30 billion in ongoing developments and a recent injection of £4.5 billion into commercial and infrastructure projects, the city is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The Liverpool Waters development alone is projected to contribute over £5.5 billion to the city’s economy and generate job growth for the next three decades. Additionally, the “Plan for Prosperity” initiative has the potential to add an impressive £19.7 billion to the regional economy.

Liverpool’s property market demonstrates impressive growth and potential. The latest Hometrack report* shows that the average house price in Liverpool currently stands at £155,400, with a substantial average price growth of 29% since 2007. The city continues to experience positive momentum, with a year-on-year growth rate of 3.1% and a remarkable 11.5% growth in the past 12 months. These figures reflect the stability and desirability of Liverpool’s property market, making it an attractive destination for investment.

Example Liverpool Investments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liverpool boasts excellent transport connectivity, making it a highly accessible city. The city is served by Liverpool John Lennon Airport, providing domestic and international flights.


The comprehensive rail network offers connections to major UK cities, including high-speed services to London. Additionally, Liverpool has a well-developed bus and ferry system, providing convenient transportation options for residents and visitors.


These robust transport links ensure easy travel within the city and facilitate connections to other parts of the country, enhancing Liverpool’s appeal as a desirable location for property investment.

Liverpool is renowned for its world-class universities, making it a thriving hub of education and attracting students from around the globe.


The city is home to prestigious institutions such as the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, and Liverpool Hope University.


These universities offer a wide range of academic disciplines, fostering innovation and intellectual growth. With their excellent reputation and high-quality education, Liverpool’s universities contribute to the city’s vibrant cultural scene and drive demand for student accommodation, presenting a promising opportunity for property investment.

Liverpool’s rental market is driven by several factors. The city is home to multiple universities, attracting a large student population seeking accommodation.


Additionally, Liverpool’s thriving cultural scene, employment opportunities, and excellent transport links make it a popular choice for professionals and young families. The high demand for rental properties ensures a steady rental income for investors.

Liverpool offers several advantages for property investment when compared to Manchester.


Both Liverpool and Manchester have strong rental markets, driven by their vibrant economies and large student populations. However, Liverpool often offers higher rental yields due to the lower property prices. The city’s strong tourism industry and cultural attractions also contribute to consistent rental demand.


Both cities have promising growth prospects, but Liverpool’s ongoing regeneration projects and infrastructure improvements provide potential for significant future growth. The city’s waterfront development, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and regeneration of areas like the historic docklands all contribute to its attractiveness as an investment destination.

Liverpool offers several promising areas for property investment, each with its own unique appeal and growth potential. Here are three of the city’s most noteworthy areas:


Liverpool City Centre: As the heart of the city, the Liverpool City Centre attracts a diverse range of residents and businesses. With ongoing regeneration projects, such as the development of the Baltic Triangle, this area presents opportunities for residential and commercial investments. The city center’s proximity to amenities, cultural attractions, and excellent transport links make it an appealing choice for investors seeking high rental yields and capital appreciation.


The Knowledge Quarter: Located around the University of Liverpool and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, the Knowledge Quarter is a thriving area focused on education, research, and healthcare. The presence of top universities and medical institutions creates a steady demand for student accommodation and rental properties. The area’s ongoing development plans and investments make it an attractive option for long-term property investment.


The Wirral Waters: Situated across the River Mersey from Liverpool’s city centre, the Wirral Waters is a major regeneration project that promises substantial growth and transformation. With plans for new residential, commercial, and leisure spaces, this area presents an excellent opportunity for property investment. Its waterfront location, close proximity to Liverpool, and ambitious development plans position it as a promising investment hotspot.

To get started with investing in Liverpool property, it’s recommended to seek the guidance of experienced professionals who specialize in the local market.


Track Capital consultants can provide insights and help you navigate the process. We can assist in identifying suitable properties, assessing rental potential, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements, ultimately guiding you towards a successful investment in Liverpool’s thriving property market.

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