Library House
  • Status Complete
  • Location Brentwood
  • Type Residential
  • Yield5%
  • Lease247 Years

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Library House Overview

As rental prices in central London continue to spiral, many renters are now moving to hot spots within a commutable distance from the city. 

Library House, which was completed in 2018, is a 55 unit apartment block in Brentwood, Essex, which perfectly fits the bill. Purpose built to serve the needs of young professionals and London commuters, Library House is a stylish, modern renovation of a building which was previously used for commercial purposes.

The apartments are right in the centre of Brentwood, meaning easy access to the local amenities, shops, and restaurants on the bustling high street. It’s also close the rail station and the M25 is nearby – perfect for those needing to get around the South East of England each day.

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Library House


Library House, New Road, Brentwood, CM14 4GD

Why invest in Library House?

Already complete and ready to let, Library House is a brilliant buy-to-let opportunity for investors looking to benefit from the South East’s incredible property price growth. There are plenty of other things going for it too, as we’ve detailed below.

5% Rental Assurance

Library House offers property investors the chance to safeguard their investment for a year, with 5% rental assurance over the first 12 months.

Given the economic uncertainty over the past year, owing to the global pandemic, this is a positive reassurance for investors.

Ready To Let

There will be no waiting around on Library House.

The project is complete and operational, meaning you can start earning an immediate rental income after purchase.

Huge Capital Growth

No where in the country has experienced the same level of consistently high property value growth over the past decade as the South East.

Owing to London’s booming property market, prices across the entire South East are on the rise. As such, with a forecasted growth of 17.3% by 2024, investors in Library house will likely benefit substantially from capital appreciation.

In addition, Crossrail, due in 2022, is also expected to boost property values even further.

High Demand

Library House’s central location in Brentwood, which is within easy commuting distance of London, is a huge pull factor for potential tenants. 

In addition, the high-quality finish throughout the block appeals to young professionals who value stylish living spaces.

In short, Library House offers buy-to-let investors the ability to generate good, consistent rental incomes from a high demand market.


Library House Investment Summary

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We are proud members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme, which protects property investors via a third party.

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What other costs are there?

In addition to the purchase price, those looking to purchase an apartment at Library House need to consider:

  • Annual ground rent, charged at 0.1% of purchase price
  • Service charge
  • Solicitor fees
  • Mortgage broker fees (if buying via mortgage)
  • Stamp duty land tax (SDLT)

Can I buy with a mortgage?

Yes, Library House is a residential development and apartments can be purchased with a mortgage.

When can I sell the apartment?

Buyers are free to sell their apartment on the open market anytime after completion, should they wish to do so.

Can I buy from abroad?

Yes, Library House is open to property investors from within the UK and abroad. 

We have a lot of experience working with buyers based in the UK, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and elsewhere. We understand the requirements involved for both domestic and foreign investment and we can help guide you through the purchase process at no cost to you.

When is rental income paid?

Once your purchase is complete and your apartment is tenanted, rental income will be paid monthly into your bank account.

directors insight

What does our Founder, Nick, think of Library House?

“Many property investors are turning their attention to the North due to the increasing costs associated with buying property in London. 

However, there are still high-potential opportunities to be found in and around the capital if you know where to look and what to look for. Library House is one of those opportunities.

The purchase price is reasonable given the proximity to London. And more importantly, property values in the area are highly likely to see serious growth over the next few years as Crossrail opens and even more people move out of central London and into nearby commuter towns. Potential capital growth, especially in the south east, offers investors exceptionally high returns.

 Plus, this is a high-standard development. There is plenty of demand from tenants, which should assure buy-to-let investors that they’ll make solid rental income whilst their asset appreciates in value over the years.“.

Nick Hyland, Founder & Director

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