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Now, let’s take a look at all the headlines that caught our attention this week. I always try to summarise the links to save you having to click through.

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Property News This Week

  • ARLA Propertymark Calls for More Support for Landlords – In the past few years, an avalanche of new regulations restricting the earning potential of the private rental sector has resulted in Propertymark calling strongly for more support for landlords. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for many landlords to keep up with the constant governmental demands, which risk not only driving landlords out of the sector and thus reducing available housing, but also putting financial pressure on tenants who will be forced to pay the ultimate price for continually increased costs for landlords. Propertymark would like to see the government give positive reinforcement to a necessary sector that provides housing to the growing number of people who cannot afford to own their own homes.


  • New Carbon Monoxide Laws for Private Rented Sector – In yet another move to improve the condition of housing in the private rented sector, Housing Minister Eddie Hughes MP announced this week that Carbon Monoxide alarms must now be fitted in all rented accommodation.
    This means that it will now be illegal for housing providers to fail to install smoke alarms in social and private housing and that it is mandatory for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in social and private rented properties containing fixed appliances like gas boilers or fires. The new regulation stipulates that Carbon Monoxide alarms must be installed whenever new appliances such as gas boilers or fires are fitted into any home. Landlords and housing providers in social and private rented sectors will also be obligated to repair or replace faulty smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms as soon as they are informed of a malfunction.


  • Investors Swapping to Property from Cryptocurrency Gains – A recent survey led by Sequire has revealed a notable proportion of UK investors who benefited from profits gained in cryptocurrency are now removing their funds in order to put their profits into the buy-to-let sector. Although a reported 85% of crypto investors have confirmed that they ‘hodi’ coins and stay invested in cryptocurrency, 15% remove profits earned in order to transfer it to the perceived ‘more stable’ real estate. Currently, property comes in just behind stocks and shares for the title of most popular crypto investment asset. This year has seen popular coins such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin achieve record gains.


  • Pros and Cons to Off-Plan Real Estate in Dubai – Off-plan purchasing is a very popular and money-saving technique in Dubai real estate. Although there is always a chance that a slumping market will result in properties losing value as they complete, it is far more common for an off-plan property to cost less during the build than it does to buy the finished product. This frequently results in immediate capital appreciation upon completion. Dubai is well-known for its calibre of high-quality developers, with many focusing their efforts on the most popular areas. The high demand for renting there often results in a quick return on initial capital for investors, where ROI can reach a very healthy 12-15% per year. The Dubai property market is set up for investors, with a fast turnover of deals, responsive developers and bespoke payment plans available. Significant government backing for real estate in Dubai affords buyers a great deal of protection and confidence. Incentives for completing developments and progressive regulations assure a continually high finish in off-plan properties.


    That is all we have for you this week. If you have any comments or questions on this week’s news summary then please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]  – if not, see you next week.

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