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The Queen of the Midlands has an enviable location, tourism interest, a thriving student population and large public & private sectors, all of which is attracting investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

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Nottingham is a major city in the East Midlands, with a rich history stretching back to the Anglo-Saxon period. It is famed for its association with the legend of Robin Hood and his band of merry-men, who supposedly took from the rich and gave to the poor whilst hiding from the Sheriff of Nottingham in Sherwood Forest. The legend now serves as an important source of tourism for the city.

More recently, Sheffield has forged a reputation as a young, busy city. Two well-respected universities, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, bring over 60,000 students to the area – many of whom come from abroad.

Furthermore, stimulated by a large public and private sector, the economy is growing. Research from EY predicts Nottingham’s economy will grow by 2.1% per year between 2020 and 2023, out-performing the national average of 1.8%.

As a property investment company, Nottingham offers a tempting, high-potential option for our clients. It’s easy to understand why interest in the city has grown considerably in the recent years, especially as investors look to move away from London and diversify their portfolios across the North.


The average value of flats in Nottingham has increased by £18,542 in the past five years.

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    Why Nottingham?

    We regularly preach about how important it is for property investors to evaluate a city based on key investment factors: business, infrastructure, transport and tenant demand.

    Private business is plentiful, which stimulates the job market, retains top talent and grows the local economy. In fact, many international brands have offices in the city, including Boots, Capital One & Experian. 

    Plus, ongoing development schemes aim to open up and regenerate more of the city’s buildings and infrastructure. This will create new jobs, homes and businesses.

    And finally, it has a consistent flow of new, potential tenants each year due to the universities and enjoys great connections to the rest of the UK via the motorway and rail networks.


    Nottingham has the largest economy in the East Midlands, with the predicted rate of economic growth outstripping the rest of the country (2.1% vs 1.8%) and on a par with the likes of Manchester (2.1% vs 2.3%).


    The Southside Project is a £250 million scheme aimed to improve the city’s southern gateway, whilst Nottingham Science Park will aid business expansion. Such projects stimulate growth in the property market.


    Nottingham attracts a high number of tourists each year due to local legends and areas of historical significance. Savvy investors may sense an opportunity for short-term lets to capitalise on tourist demand. 


    With a central location, much of the country can reached within four hours driving from Nottingham. The city will also benefit from the East Midland’s hub on the future HS2 train line, putting London within a 50 minute journey.

    Types of Property Investment in Nottingham

    Growth in Nottingham

    • East Midlands has the highest rate of house price growth in past year (3.6%) - Land Registry
    • East Midlands had the fastest growing economy of all regions in the UK in 2019 (+1.6% GVA) - EY
    • The Nottingham Growth Plan sets out a strategy for continued growth based on three industries: digital content, life sciences and clean technology - Nottingham Council

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you can find a range of common questions from previous investors. If you require specific details and advice please do not hesitate to contact us today on +44(0)203 627 3987 or via [email protected] 

    01. Is Nottingham a good place to invest in property?

    Yes, Nottingham has all of the investment fundamentals we look for when deciding where to invest. Furthermore, property prices are relatively affordable and tend to achieve good rental yields.

    That said, other cities across the North of England may offer even more value through rent and better future growth through capital appreciation. There are very good reasons why cities like Liverpool and Manchester are proving the most popular spots for property investors right now, so we would class Nottingham in a level just below these giants at the moment – putting it alongside the likes of Leeds and Sheffield.

    Note, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should instead look at Liverpool and Manchester. A smart strategy is to diversify your portfolio across several cities. 

    We’d be happy to discuss this with you in further detail. Please drop your details down on the form or give us a call using the number provided, both at the top of this page.

    02. How much do properties in Nottingham tend to cost?

    According to Zoopla (September 2021), the average price paid for a property in Nottingham is £236,850.

    However, for an apartment, the average is £148,919

    03. Is HS2 going to be in Nottingham?

    An East Midlands HS2 Hub is planned in Toton, a central spot between Nottingham and Derby. The hub will be no more than 10 minutes from Nottingham City Centre, thus connecting the city with the high speed rail network and further improving Nottingham’s transport options. 

    When it launches, the hub will offer the following journey times from Nottingham: London in 50 minutes, Leeds in under 30 minutes and Birmingham in under 20 minutes. The network will be a fantastic driver of growth for the region.

    Featured Developments

    We do not currently have any live developments in Nottingham, but below is a range of our most popular developments. We highly recommend speaking to us about your objectives for investment as it may be that you can achieve your goals by investing in other locations (for example, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester & Sheffield are all brilliant alternatives for Nottingham).

    Considering investing? Click below to book a free 15 minute phone consultation with our team to discuss your property investment strategy.

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    All information accurate as of September 2021

    members of the property ombudsman scheme

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