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As one of England's oldest cities, Leicester's population has grown incredibly quickly since the turn of the century. It is already the most populous municipality in the East Midlands, and data from the Office For National Statistics predicts the city will reach 400,000 inhabitants by 2035.

The city's growth continues to attract the attention of property investors looking for high-potential areas in the UK.

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Sitting on the banks of the River Soar, Leicester is a major city in the East Midlands.

With a history of human settlement in the region of at least 2,000 years, Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England. 

Interest in property investment in Leicester has really grown in recent years, with interest piqued by positive data and reports about the city’s development.

For example, between 2016 and 2019, the city was named as one of the UK’s top performing cities for three years in a row by PwC. 

Leicester’s consistently high performance in PwC’s rankings has been underpinned by an increase in jobs, new businesses, and skills.

In addition, the city has one of the fastest rates of population growth in the country (particularly amongst working age 25-34 year olds) and it offers good rental yields mixed with affordable property prices – the city-centre postcode, LE1, scored 8th on Totally Money’s buy-to-let yield map for 2020, with average prices of £100,000 and yields of 8%. 

All in all, it’s clear why Leicester is seen as a high-potential spot for property investors.


The average value of flats in Leicester has increased by £22,476 in the past five years.

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    Why Leicester?

    There are a number of cities across the Midlands and further North that show excellent investment potential. Leicester is one of those cities.

    With the second-largest economy in the East Midlands, the city is home to offices of major employers – including British Gas, BT, HSBC and Next.

    It’s well connected to the rest of the country via the motorway and rail networks, and internationally by the East Midlands Airport.

    Plus, with a large student population fed by several local universities (numbers are estimated to be over 65,000), redevelopment plans, affordable investment prices, and a good record of strong rental yields, Leicester has all the conditions a property investor should be looking for.


    Manufacturing has historically been a big industry in the city, and remains so. However, new businesses, mixed with a growing service industry, continue to create jobs and aid the city’s economy.


    Leicester postcodes often deliver strong rental returns at favourable investment prices. Our research found LE1 was one of the best places an investor could have purchased property in the last decade.


    The region has a large student population, many of whom settle here following graduation due to fantastic employment options. These young professionals are ideal buy-to-let tenants.


    There are train lines directly linking Leicester with other major cities, like London and Birmingham. Also, the city sits alongside the M1 Motorway. These transport options drive trade and growth.

    Types of Property Investment in Leicester

    Growth in Leicester

    • East Midlands has the highest rate of house price growth in past year (3.6%) - Land Registry
    • East Midlands had the fastest growing economy of all regions in the UK in 2019 (+1.6% GVA) - EY
    • The Nottingham Growth Plan sets out a strategy for continued growth based on three industries: digital content, life sciences and clean technology - Nottingham Council

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you can find a range of common questions from previous investors. If you require specific details and advice please do not hesitate to contact us today on +44 203 627 3987 or via [email protected]

    01. Is Leicester a good place to invest in property?

    Leicester has all the hallmarks of a great location to invest in property.

    Its location in the UK typically leads to many properties offering the traditional affordability of Northern housing (and therefore, strong rental yields), but given it sits more southwards than other Northern cities, it also benefits from the impact of the southern economy’s radial effect.

    02. How much do properties in Leicester tend to cost?

    According to Zoopla (September 2021), the average price paid for a property in Leicester in the last 12 months in £269,676.

    For an apartment in particular, the average is £129,064.

    03. Is HS2 going to be in Leicester?

    An East Midlands HS2 Hub is planned in Toton, which people in Leicester will be able to connect with via the existing rail network and drastically reducing journey times to key hubs around England.

    However, further plans have been submitted for the creation of further HS2 links between Bedford, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester and Nottingham, which – if they go ahead – could add £1.4 billion to the region’s economy. This is something for investors to keep an eye on as such development has the potential to really impact the region’s growth and benefit the property market

    Featured Developments

    We do not currently have any live developments in Leicester, but below is a range of our most popular developments. We recommend getting in touch to discuss your investment objectives as it may be that you can achieve your goals by investing in other locations (for example, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester & Sheffield are all great alternatives).

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    All information accurate as of September 2021

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